Technical Areas


Design, development and deployment of Apps for iOS and Android platforms towards the Apple app store and Google play store.

Business, education, promotions, tools, games, location, photo, leisure and travel apps.

Objective-C, Swift, Android Java, location based/GPS, XML, Xcode and Android Studio.

Design and creation of websites for front-end users and back-end usage.

HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, XML and Bootstrap.
Web applications

Building of backbone information system, providing architecture design, database and content management, reporting functionalities and data distribution to apps, frontend and other backend platforms.

PHP, C, Perl, XML, SQL.

Provided Services


Software development is our core business. With a primary focus on apps, web sites and web applications.

Both fix price and time and material contracts.


On site and remote technical consultancy and programming services.


Special Pentasol product training as
well as training in technical software development.

Maintenance and support of new updates.


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